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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday in Maine

Madonna with Child
Sunday in Maine spring
today is claiming its name
what an awesome day.

OK so I've decided that I won't put each piece in each relatively active place.  Sadly in some places that means within the last eighteen months.  I will now post different stuff to different places.  still not sure if I will do it but I'm gonna try to do something new each week.  Which means that if you want to see everything I put up you'll have to surf a bit, I'll provide links as I can.  It also means that I'll be paying more attention to some of my more neglected pages.

If you like it please donate something, anything, anytime.  There's a link on the right. For those who already have thank you and your pictures are on their way sometime this summer.  Sorry it takes me so long.

so not always text here.  maybe a haiku.  pretty much always a picture.


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