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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I find out about my cancer

Early December of 2011, I was having some issues with my gut and I was sent for a colonoscopy. I'm only 49 so this was a little unusual but not unprecedented. While chatting with the intake nurse, she mentioned that there were usually three outcomes to this procedure. They would find nothing and tell me to come back in ten years. They would find a few polyps, snip them off, and tell me to come back in five years. They would find a lot of polyps and tell me to come back in three years.

They told me to come back in a week. Within a week I had had a cat scan, met with an oncologist, and a surgeon. I'll spare you the pictures of the colonoscopy, but they were icky, I mean scary gross. That said early reports are that if all goes well I should be OK within a year, albeit with a much shorter colon.

When my ex told my kids that daddy was sick, my daughter said, "It's not cancer is it?"

Geeze what are you gonna do? Anyway it's been a couple of weeks and looks like treatment will begin in January. Waiting kinda sucks but I'm glad I get to do Christmas first.

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