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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today should be a quiet one

I think I have all my doctor appointments lined up for the week.  I do have a few calls to make and of course I'm looking after the dogs at Pet Works and selling some soap for Human Nature.  Those are the people with whom I live so I don't really get paid for that.

I cannot believe that the cancer pic got 5 views.  Maybe that was all me.  I hope so don't go there it's yucky.  That said, I wrote about letting go of my anger yesterday.  I've been doing some fairly basic EFT as I understand it, which is not well.  I've also been visualizing the cancer receding.  I've also been eating a bit more fruit.  This morning I had a very nice movement which only seems to happen once or twice a week. Now that sounds gross I know but when one's colon is almost completely blocked little things like that are to be celebrated.

The interesting thing is that it was wider than it has been.  Which would seem to suggest that the blockage may be shrinking a bit.  Or maybe my rectum is stretching.  If it happens again today or tomorrow I'll know for sure.  It will be something to mention to the docs.

Anyway thanks for reading.  Comment if you want, tell your friends.  find me on facebook.  I tweet a little @skartdo but not much.

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