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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday morning

 Lovely breakfast.  As I get closer to surgery I realize how lucky I am.  Things really are going well and I am getting essentially what I want albeit in a way that I didn't expect. 

I was watching a video of a fellows first time at Burning Man a few months back and one of the things that struck me was that he said he had the best and the worst time of his life during that period.  He also said that on reflection that those feelings were caused by him and nothing else. 

It was a friend of mine's birthday celebration last night and they took me to see Wanderlust.  I highly recommend it.  Also when I came out of the theater there was a box that said free movie posters.  I picked up the John Carter one.

sunny day outside
warmish heading towards spring
time to hang up coats?
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