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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday, prepping for the operation

 No gentle laxatives today.  4 ducalax at noon.  7 doses of miralax at 2 and another 7 at 6.  And no eating.  Clear liquids only.

Forturnately, in the morning at least, coffee, sans milk, counts as a clear liquid.  I take mine black so it's OK. 

I do like to eat tho.  and I get to do this every three months for the next year to make sure that I am still cancer free. 

Gotta say that my team is doing everything they can to prepare me for the surgery.  My questions are being answered, most of them are even being anticipated, and even the questions I didn't know enough to ask are being answered.  Turns out they've done this before. 

I'm pretty pleased that this ostomy bag thing is temporary.  Everything I read and hear about it though is that about the time it gets to be routine, it'll be reversed.  I'm OK with that.  Better 50 days than 50 years.

I don't eat today
my bloodsugar is falling
I'll get some fruit juice
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