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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I slept in a little. That felt good. Waiting for the blood tests to come back. I prolly won't hear til tomorrow as the oncologist's assistant doesn't work on Wednesday, which BTW I find really odd. Maybe she has things to do on Wednesday.

It's quiet here and my mouse has stopped working. I'm not really a big fan of a track pad but if that's the worse thing that happens to me this week, I'm OK.

Lately I've been saying thank you as I lie down for the night. It really is nice to snuggle into bed and know that rest is coming soon.

Thank you also to all you people who are thinking good thoughts for me as I head to my surgery. It turns out though that I'm going to need money for ostomy bags and such. That amount has not been established but I'm thinking around 500 which may not be covered by insurance. I'm filling out a bunch of forms but I'm not sure that it's gonna help much. So if y'all could see your way clear to throwing me a couple of bucks I'd really appreciate it. All I need is 100 people to donate $5.

So far I've received some very generous donations. I thought the Google ads were going to help as well but they shut me down I think because to many people were clicking the ads just to click em. So anyway I'd appreciate some cash $1 dollar or more at my donate page but good thoughts are important, too. So for all y'all are doing thanks for the support.

sun is out today
snow has been melting road side
I think more will come
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  1. God isn't going to put you through anything you can't handle. Trust me, he'll make a way. You will get $500 and an abundance. I know you probably heard this before but it's true. Just keep God 1st and stay positive. I'm praying for you. Storms don't last forever, eventually the sun has to shine again