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Thursday, January 12, 2012

feel like bitchin n moanin

But I don't really have much to say.  I mean my feet are cold but that's not new and can be fixed by putting on clean dry sox.  So whose fault is that.  It's snowing which isn't bad in and of itself especially since I don't have anywhere to go today, but it just doesn't excite me.

I saw a vid about Burning Man the other day.  It was about a guys first time there.  What I took away from it was that he spent his time being really psyched and really miserable but in retrospect that it was his choice to feel that way.  That and he couldn't believe that it had taken his friends over a decade to finally talk him into it.

So I guess that's prolly true.  I used to say that unless you have something really horrible to cry about you might as well be happy.  It's just easier that way.  So I guess I'll try taking it a bit easier on myself for a bit.

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