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Saturday, January 28, 2012

weekend day 1

Posted by PicasaWhen I was in college there was a period when I complained that the weekends weren't as fun as they used to be.  My roommate pointed out that was because I didn't do anything different on the weekends.  I tended to party a lot in college.  Well that is not true this year.  The weekends just rock.  I'm not poisoning myself with chemo and the radiation is giving me a rest.  Also I nap more.  This weekend I'm going up to hear my daughter play viola in the district two orchestra concert.  Thank you Carole for driving me around.  I've also got a request from a couple of websites to put together an article from this blog.  So far it's turning into a good day.  I win the powerball jackpot tonight and that'll make it just about a perfect day.

strings vibrate sweet sounds
a bow across them just right
sometimes fingers pick.

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