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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday week 5

Posted by PicasaIt's the beginning of the end of the Radiation/Chemo for this round.  My blood work showed that my white count was down to 2 from 2.4.  Low normal is 5.  They have backed of the chemo a little bit.  I am taking 7 pills a day instead of 8.

 I have treatments every weekday up to and including the 9th.  I don't think I'll miss them much.  After rad/chemo I wait for about six weeks to give my body time to heal from the radiation, apparently burning the flesh is tough on the healthy tissue as well as the cancer.  After six weeks I go into the hospital for surgery.

week 5 begins now
chemo meds coursing through me
radiation burns

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  1. Hi Schuyler,
    I understand what you are going's a real pain in the ass (pun intended). Last year I was in the middle of my radiation/chemo treatment. Your lethargy is normal. I saw your pics, funny how different cancer can look. Mine looked like dryer lint. I also have a blog There is another website you might like to check out called Crazy Sexy Cancer, they have a support group and lots of info about nutrition; as for me I decided to become a vegan. eat your fruits & veggies! Inge