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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday before lent

Posted by Picasaand so I spend another weekend in bed.  My butt grateful.  My entire body and soul grateful for the rest.  Do I really do a lot during the week?  Depends on what you call a lot but I'm doing nothing today.  OK I made my bed, ate some food, showered.  But I went back to bed immediately afterwards.

rest well my good friends
take some time to ease your mind
you will be better


  1. be easy on yourself. there is a huge battle going on inside you and your body needs that extra energy to fight. Sleep is good for you now. It will get better. I promise. Inge
    p.s. get a fluffy pillow to sit on if you can. I couldn't sit on my tush for almost 5 mths and even now I need a pillow if I am sitting on a wooden chair.

  2. Not to worry my folks brought me a foam donut that is quite nice. My butt is getting better. I don't see five months happening but I haven't done the surgery yet either.